High School Persuasive Essay Topics: Top 20 Ideas

A persuasive essay is a paper in which you provide a point of view and persuade your readers that it’s worth their attention. You need a strong point of view and reliable arguments to prove that your opinion is correct. It’s quite easy if you have a good topic and enough reference sources.

The Choice of a Good Essay Topic

When you need to persuade somebody, it’s better for you to have a strong point of view. If you’re not given a particular subject, you can choose anything from the world that surrounds you. In case the area has been determined by your teacher, choose a topic which you like most of all. It will help you add some emotional appeal to the persuasion and also give more efforts to your research. MyEssayGeek can provide you with more information.

A List of Persuasive Essay Suggestions to Give You Inspiration

  1. Students in elementary schools should be allowed to have phones.
  2. There’s no use in school uniform.
  3. Elderly people should have a right to ride public transport for free.
  4. It’s necessary to establish state colleges where all students will study for free.
  5. All students in all regions of the USA should have several different obligatory language classes (English, Spanish, French, German, etc.)
  6. It’s necessary to completely legalize marijuana as a medication and stop quarreling about its usefulness.
  7. It’s necessary to raise the driving age.
  8. It’s good when students are motivated with money for excellent grades.
  9. Illegal immigrants should have a range of rights like driving licenses and so on.
  10. It’s necessary to establish fines for not wearing safety belts.
  11. It’s time to replace obsolete textbooks with gadgets and computers.
  12. It’s necessary to forbid selling unhealthy drinks and snacks to students in school diners.
  13. It’s necessary to allow girls play football and basketball in the same teams with boys.
  14. There’s no use teaching boys and girls in separate classes.
  15. Allowing teenage girls to have birth control pills without their parents’ intrusion is a good way towards the reduction of teenage pregnancy cases.
  16. Health care should be free for all groups of the population all around the country.
  17. People who download the content from the Internet without paying for it should be punished.
  18. It’s necessary to avoid songs with obscene words at school parties.
  19. A morning prayer in public schools: a necessity or an option?
  20. It’s necessary to provide free Wi-Fi all around the country.

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