Interesting Compare and Contrast Topics

One thing to consider before writing an essay, you have to choose the correct topic. It is always hard for people to find interesting topics that will give them incredible scores. Do not go with a heading that is not in the same category required.

Here is a list compiled by the best US essay writers that can help you with the topic choice:

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • The differences between Facebook and Twitter
  • Is it advisable to be a student with a job or without
  • Unsociable or outgoing.
  • Is Harvard the best or Oxford
  • Do you prefer online dating or real experience?
  • Do E-books work better, or do you prefer textbooks?
  • Fiction books or the ones without
  • One on one shopping or going straight to the shop
  • Video calls or phone call

High School Topics

  • Does Hitler work for you or Stalin?
  • Talk about any historical leaders of your choice
  • What is the difference between recent American politics and the ancient?
  • Should one follow a strict food plan or exercise to lose weight?
  • Is gold the best preference or silver?
  • Fall or seedtime
  • Falling in love VS hanging out as friends
  • Posh vehicles or riding bikes
  • Attending public college or personal
  • Well known or having a lot of money
  • The distinction between the correct details or incorrect

Middle School Topics

  • Using your time to play games or study
  • Sending text messages or talking through a call
  • How you live your life and famous person
  • Indoor games or outdoor
  • Is becoming a doctor the best profession, or do you prefer teaching?
  • Shakespeare plays to read.
  • Quotes or great people
  • Do you prefer cash on your birthday or getting presents from people?
  • Any character you know from Harry Potter.

Funny Topics

  • Cleaning your plates or clothes
  • Taking selfies or the ancient method of taking pictures
  • City or rural life
  • Do females take education seriously, or is it the males?
  • Reading online or going to the library
  • Strength of guts or wish
  • Does French work for you, or do you like the English gardens
  • Do you prefer the elder or young people’s way of life?

Sports Topics

  • Female and male basketball
  • Which skills do you need to play football and cricket?
  • Write about any athletes playing the same game
  • Is Real Madrid or Barcelona your favorite?
  • German is among the best, or would you go with the Brazil team
  • Write the main points of a team from Jamaica and that from the United States
  • Does tennis work better or going to water

Psychology Topics

  • How falling in love and infatuation make life difficult for many people
  • Pride or excessive pride
  • Following your friends or guardian advice
  • Do strict parents work better or parents with fewer actions?
  • The meaning of child abuse and the negative impacts it has on people
  • What are the main things between depression and becoming anxious?
  • Imagination and nightmare
  • Ways of getting rid of PTSD

Movie Topics

  • Do you prefer Hollywood or Indian movies
  • Movies with fights or those that make you laugh
  • Stories about love or comedy
  • The work of a producer and that of a director
  • The ancient or current movies
  • Movies that leave you having the same emotion

Medical Topics

  • Which one is important, to eat, or enough sleep?
  • Is it advisable to work out in the morning or at night?
  • Rising early or later in the day
  • Are those who take soft drugs dangerous or the ones taking hard drugs?

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